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Other books in this series. Lover Avenged J R Ward. Add to basket. Lover Unleashed J R Ward. Lover Mine J R Ward. Lover Reborn J R Ward. Lover Enshrined J. Lover Revealed J R Ward. Lover Unbound J R Ward. The King J R Ward. The Shadows J R Ward. The Beast J R Ward. Dark Lover J R Ward. The Chosen J. The Thief J R Ward. Refers to a critical weakness in an individual. The weakness can be internal, such as an addiction, or external, such as a lover. Ritual manner of assuaging honor granted by one who has offended another.

If accepted, the offended chooses a weapon and strikes the offender, who presents him- or herself without defenses. Mystical force who is counselor to the king as well as the keeper of vampire archives and the dispenser of privileges. Exists in a nontemporal realm and has extensive powers. Capable of a single act of creation, which she expended to bring the vampires into existence.

Places the female under the sole direction of her ghardian , typically the eldest male in her household. Her ghardian then has the legal right to determine all manner of her life, restricting at will any and all interactions she has with the world. Female vampire who has been mated to a male. Females generally do not take more than one mate due to the highly territorial nature of bonded males. Subspecies within the vampire race characterized by the ability and desire to manipulate emotions in others for the purposes of an energy exchange , among other traits.

Historically, they have been discriminated against and, during certain eras, hunted by vampires. They are near extinction. Sacred vault of the Black Dagger Brotherhood. Used as a ceremonial site as well as a storage facility for the jars of lessers. Ceremonies performed there include inductions, funerals, and disciplinary actions against Brothers.

No one may enter except for members of the Brotherhood, the Scribe Virgin, or candidates for induction. Word used between males of mutual respect and affection. Thereafter, he or she must drink the blood of the opposite sex to survive and is unable to withstand sunlight. Occurs generally in the midtwenties. Some vampires do not survive their transitions, males in particular. Prior to their transitions, vampires are physically weak, sexually unaware and unresponsive, and unable to dematerialize. Member of a species separate from that of Homo sapiens.

Vampires must drink the blood of the opposite sex to survive. Human blood will keep them alive, though the strength does not last long. Following their transitions, which occur in their midtwenties, they are unable to go out into sunlight and must feed from the vein regularly. Vampires can dematerialize at will, though they must be able to calm themselves and concentrate to do so and may not carry anything heavy with them. They are able to strip the memories Convert currency. Add to Basket. Condition: New. Digital original. Language: English. Brand new Book. Payne, twin sister of Vishous, is cut from the same dark, seductive cloth as her brother.

Imprisoned for eons by their mother, the Scribe Virgin, she finally frees herself - only to face a devastating injury. Manuel Manello, MD, is drafted by the Brotherhood to save her as only he can - but when the human surgeon and the vampire warrior meet, their two worlds collide in the face of their undeniable passion. With so much working against them, can love prove stronger than the birth right and the biology that separate them?. Seller Inventory HUK More information about this seller Contact this seller. Book Description Piatkus Books.

The next must-read author for fans of Charlaine Harris' vampire fiction. Series: Black Dagger Brotherhood. Num Pages: pages. Dimension: x x Weight in Grams: Books ship from the US and Ireland. Seller Inventory V Book Description Piatkus, Seller Inventory mon Book Description Piatkus Books, Book Description Imprisoned for eons by their mother, the Scribe Virgin, she finally frees herself - only to face a. Shipping may be from multiple locations in the US or from the UK, depending on stock availability. Seller Inventory Book Description Condition: New.

Hi Five to Jane for being awesome! This book was a good chance to see deeper into the complicated world of Vishous, son of the Bloodletter. I loved Vishous in his book, and I love him even more now. He is one wounded guy. Instead, he has buried most of it, and the other part comes out in his need for dark, twisted sex and in his formidable fighting skills against the Lessers. Since he found Jane, he realized that sex could be about love, and he put that dark, painful sex aside, although he still likes a little kink in his sex which is okay with Jane.

How can he do that without betraying his vows to Jane? Can this son of the Bloodletter, a dark soul who was completely rejected by both mother and father, really be worthy of a loving relationship, and still be true to who he is? All those issues were dealt with. At one point in this book, I was truly worried. The WARDen came through for me. There was something so touching about the bonds that V shares with Jane and Butch. I loved that he was able to be close to Butch without betraying his marriage bond with Jane. V and Butch have a fantastic, one of a kind relationship.

He got right to the heart of the matter, and gave Vishous the release he needed get your mind out the gutter. She does the interplay of emotions within and between her characters so well. She makes things tough for her creations, just like life is full of hard spots and crappy situations. But somehow, even though things can be bittersweet, she always gives us hope. With Vishous and Jane and Butch, I know that there is so much hope there.

They will always have each other, just as Butch has Marissa who also understands the bond between Vishous and Butch. Bravo, Ms. Ward for bringing this theme to light so eloquently. There was a sweetness there, both characters star-struck by each other. To Manny, Payne is a beautiful woman not of his world, and way too good for him. To Payne, Manny is her beloved Healer. He is a gorgeous, worthy male, who has given her a new life. Manny is such a gentleman, a hellren any female would want. They both have insecurities that they have to deal with in order to find their way together, but they come to realize that love can make allowances for pretty much any shortcoming.

I loved the sweetness of their relationship, but also the spicy sexuality of it. Talking about hot! Their short courtship steamed up my room as I read. I knew that there had better be a way for them to be together. Thankfully there was. I know that they are a couple that I want to see more of in the forthcoming books, but I also got to see them get their happily ever after, which was just what I wanted.

They were both isolated people, dedicated to their professions, but they found a bond with each other in their past lives. It was good to see that this bond was renewed and strengthened in this book. I realize it was a tremendous defense mechanism, but it got old for me. To be honest, I was glad to see Blay move on with Saxton, and stop eating his heart out over Qhuinn, although the romantic in me wanted to see these two souls get together.

However, Qhuinn needed to do some growing up, and Blay needed to live his life not weighted down by his enormous unrequited love for Qhuinn.

Series: Black Dagger Brotherhood

Although there is not yet a HEA for this couple, Qhuinn is on his way to recovery. His eyes are open now. This was the breakthrough I was waiting for. Now, I am eager to see these two get together. I know their book is going to be very awesome. I liked that in this book, Blay is the one who finally has someone. Sax is a good guy. I like him. He knows he still loves Qhuinn, but he also feels strongly for Sax. He feels at peace with what he has, even though his heart still beats for Qhuinn. Things are as complicated as ever, ala JR Ward! And yet….. It gets me everytime. Already feel like the dude needs a love prescription.

My mind is wondering where the WARDen will take this guy. I do like Throe quite a bit. His sense of honor and justice is strong, and I like that about him. I like the loyalty he shows. He demands loyalty implicitly, but he shows that he is worthy of it, in his rough way. I definitely want to see more of these guys.

Okay, a moment of honesty here. But let me tell you that the three way between Xcor, Throe and the prostitute was sizzling hot. Um, wow! What if my high expectations for their writing are let down? If only these books could be longer. More romance, more magic, more everything, because she does it so well. I felt as though I only got teasing glimpses of the rest of the gang. I just want more! View all 43 comments. Apr 11, Phrynne rated it really liked it Shelves: books.

Sometimes I wonder why this series is so addictive, but then I think hey, I enjoy it so why worry. And I know I am enjoying it when I speed through a page book in a day. In this book, episode number nine, we spend lots of time with Payne and her new mate, but there are as usual a number of sub story lines which move the overall plot forward.

A couple of these played a very small part in this book so are presumably laying groundwork for some future story. Quinn and Blay make no progress toward Sometimes I wonder why this series is so addictive, but then I think hey, I enjoy it so why worry. Quinn and Blay make no progress towards their future, happy or otherwise, though I believe they are being saved for a future book too.

And that is why the books are addictive of course. I want to find out what happens to each of the many characters and I will therefore keep reading the series for as long as it takes! View all 7 comments. May 21, DarienMoya rated it really liked it Shelves: vampires , reads , fave-books-of , piss-of-books-of , favorites , otherness , let-the-tears-flow. I will say honestly, I was not in love with this book. Totally boning for the characters, but not all weak in the knees for the story.

I always love to be reacquainted with the men of the brotherhood, but it seems there is an added brother I did not know about will discuss later. I will have to break this one down cus there is just so much to freaking write, so freaking much. So she injured her back and she needs surgery fast, here comes the one and only Manny the human doctor and I say human lightly. Payne and Manny- From the get go, sparks are flying and feelings are coming out strong.

Only one problem Manny is human, and that my friend is a no, no. So they pull the mind erase trick, but eventually they will need him again and feelings between the two will become deeper. I love the attitude and I like how he handles Vishous. Payne is alright as a character. I wish there was more time spent on both Manny and Payne. Since it was their freaking book! In the end, I am kinda disappointed in both.

Vishous and Butch- Vishous was really pissing me off in the beginning of the book. It seemed forced and fake to me.

Lover Mine (Audiobook) by J. R. Ward |

He was just too much too soon, but in the end, I wanted him naked like I always do. I did love the breakthrough between him and Butch. Those two should have ditched their respected mates a long time ago. Once again, this brought to light, that puff the magic Jane and ocean breeze Marissa is suited elsewhere. I just never understood why those two are not together, and I am happy cus I read the Fanfiction True, cus in my head Butch and Vishous bend each other over.

Black Wax- Black Wax, where have you been? You don't call, u don't write, and no appearances on V's chest in like forever. I applaud you Black Wax. Saxton the added brother - What the flying Feck, this guy I tell ya. He irked me so I wrote him a letter. Did I miss something because I remember clearly it was only you and Beth?

I hear cocksucking and my mind gets away from me. Blay- Tell Saxton to go home. You guys getting it on does not appeal to me.

Quinn- My poor baby, he freaking broke my heart. Also, tell Saxton to go home. Then me and the Warden are gonna have to have a serious talk. To the Prostitute- You very lucky woman. Throe and Xcor at the same time. I hate you, yet I am bowing down to your super awesomeness. Plus, they did deserve that freaking tip, and you should have asked them to kiss.

Just throwing it out there. I also wanted a Throe-down, and it Xcor. Veck- I love you, and I want you, and you intrigue me. I like your bad boy styles and I think you could handle the vampire world. I was kinda hoping you would be in it, but I guess the Warden has other plans for you. Feelings- Not my fave book in the series, but it was entertaining. I loved how there is now a story of intrigue. The brotherhood and Xcor and his band of bastards.

Its gonna get spicy and not dark spices spicy, unless Layla lands her eyes on Xcor. The serial spin was alright, took up too much time, but I understand why it was needed, and it worked out well. Even though this book was lacking in awesomeness, it creates a setting for some serious epicness ahead. I am hoping the Warden can deliver, and please stick to maybe two story, three the most and not the twenty-five going on in this book. SideNote- If Manny had orgasm just one more time, I was gonna put his penis to rest. Seriously, you really had all that in you.

Needing or not Payne probably got pregnant from default alone. View all 31 comments. May 05, Auntee rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Fans of the series. Loved it. Luuvvvved it. I just loved the romance in this one Lover Unleashed is mainly the vampire Payne twin sister of Vishous and the human Dr. Manuel Manello's story, and their relationship is hot with a capital H!

Oh my, the year-old Manny is in a constant state of arousal in this one whenever he's near Payne. And Manny has an interesting way of healing Payne Even though Manny's head tells him that a relationship between a human and a vampire has nowhere to go, he finds it hard to tear himself away from Payne. Before Payne, Manny didn't have much in his life besides work, and his racehorse Glory. But after meeting Payne, Manny realizes what he's been missing. There's plenty of heat in this relationship, and more than a few problems. But god how I loved the way they worked them out! Lots of surprises in this relationship Just read it.

Once again JR Ward amazes me with her ability to write one erotic romance! Vishous is really messed up, still craving pain, and still dealing with his past and upbringing by the Bloodletter. Jane asks Butch to step in and give Vishous what he needs no, it's not what you think. Although it nearly breaks his heart, Butch steps up to the plate to help out the friend he loves like a brother. Ah, what can I say? Qhuinn is still kicking himself for not being honest with Blay and himself. He realizes he may have blown it with Blay, since Blay and Saxton seem to be happy together--or are they?

And then there's Layla. But first Xcor has a score to settle with Payne Could Manny and this brother be related? I'm sure you can guess who this is Oh yeah, lots of good stuff in this one, written in a style that's unique to JR Ward. This was a very easy read, with no slow parts lessers, Omega, Scribe Virgin, etc. Payne was tough yet vulnerable, and very, very likable. Manny was just I can't put it much plainer than that. I loved every moment of reading about him and Payne. I'm sure all that will be resolved in future books.

Lover Mine Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book 8

Whose story is next? It's hard to tell. Will it be Qhuinn and Blay, or will Ward torture them a bit longer? Will it be Tohr, or does he need to grieve for Wellsie a bit more? Will it be someone new? Or maybe a story about Xcor of one of his soldiers perhaps Throe? I don't care who it's about--whatever Ward writes, I will read it with absolute relish.

The only thing I dislike about Ward's books What a letdown when you turn the last page and realize that View all 61 comments. What a opening even the prologue sets the scene for an intriguing and exciting story. The series has been gold standard, every story, every character, every piece and part of the journey is astounding. Another five star instalment to add to the growing pile. I'm not sure how she does it but this talented author has delivered once again and now I'm at book nine of the series, I'm flabbergasted that I'm still entertained at five star standard.

So, what's it all about? We are then re introduced to Doctor Manny Manello an experienced human doctor who's skills are required to complete surgery. Once these characters meet we are taken on their journey of finding love and all the obstacles that they face as a vampire falling in love with a human.

The story also follows the rest of the brotherhood, we get more insight into the relationship of Vishous and Doctor Jane, the dark side of making a relationship work under the strain of an abused past and we are also updated on the other brothers, So all in all a jam packed, incredible book number nine. Well it just about goes without saying that I completely HEART this authors style of writing and putting a story together, but this story specifically delivered something special, so we have a human male falling for our kick ass female vampire and I loved the connection between the two, this author seriously knows how to create scenes of romance and forever loving.

I get so wrapped up in the stories that I'm always desperate to read the next book in the series. Final thoughts The brotherhood is a serious addiction, like I have said in previous reviews I never thought I would love a PNR series with a slice of suspense and drama so much. It is not surprising that this author is so popular, the brotherhood and surrounding characters are incredible. So next up book number ten, the bestie buddy read continues, I'm already lining up my five gold stars. View all 72 comments. Aug 21, Sophia Triad rated it it was amazing Shelves: vampires , 1paranormal-lovestories , fangywarriorteams.

Payne and Dr. Manuel Manello It finally happened, he thought as he burrowed under his shirt and took hold of his heavy cross.

Lover Unleashed (Black Dagger Brotherhood)

Or maybe he has never loved anyone at all in his life. He loves his horse of course. And he cared for Jane. She was mostly his best friend until she died. And then Jane is alive again somehow and she asks him to help with an injured female who cannot feel her legs. Payne used to love being the sparring partner of Wrath, until the king caused a severe injury and now Payne is paralyzed from the waist down.

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Payne is transported in BDB mansion where she will soon meet a human healer who can fix her. It is a good thing that Manny is a good surgeon with a god complex someone may add. I loved Vishous acting as the big, protective brother: Jane tightened her arm around his waist. Was she? Or had he been born first?

The situation will be resolved when both Payne and Manny declare their love for each other to Vishous. Do you love him? And if you try to dissuade me by the fact that I have not lived yet enough to judge, I say unto you. There is hardly any tension between them. It is just a matter of others to accept it. Welcome Manny in the BDB mansion! View all 3 comments. Jun 26, Tutti Dolci rated it it was ok Shelves: series , hardcover , contemporary , paranormal-fantasy. Oh, my. What to say? It tanked for me. I found the storyline weak and Payne, who should've been a kick-ass heroine ala Xhex, perhaps, but sexier?

Furthermore, Qhuinn's premonition? Uh, perhaps I don't recall, but I thought that the only one who could see into the future was V. That felt kind of like it came o Oh, my. That felt kind of like it came out of left field. Let's see I had several issues with this book but mostly it's that it was nowhere near as strong as many of the other books. Yeah, I wasn't fond of it. It didn't even move us along in the BDB world! I don't really care a whole lot about the whole Lesser thing, but I didn't really get too much out of the epic battle that's to come, other than Xcor's potential involvement.

Is it that the antagonist in this series will now be a new batch of non-Brotherhood warriors and not so much the Omega's lessers? I am Le Confuzzled. And wait For some reason, I thought we'd know more about him in this book. Oct 19, Shurrn rated it really liked it Shelves: genre-scifi-and-fantasy , erotica , romance-paranormal , s-vampires , z-own-paperback , series-unfinished , c-bad-ass-bitches , i-spells-magic-curses , favorite-romantic-series , i-lol-moments.

Always a pleasure to see strong females in the BDB series Which will win every stinking time. With that in mind, you might not want to read this review if you haven't read the first eight books in the series The BDB Series focuses on a new couple with each book, yet keeps the reader updated with all of the other brothers. The plethora of POVs can be a bit daunting at times, but you get used to it once you get this far in the series. She was kept in forced hibernation by the Scribe Virgin for centuries, and only let out of her cage at the end of Phury's book. She's every bit the warrior that her brother is, and simply does not fit the mold created for Vampire Females.

At the end of the last book, she was sparring with Wrath on the Other Side when she cracked her head. Payne was paralyzed by the hit, and Wrath managed to bring her back to the mansion in the hopes that she could be healed. Unfortunately, Doc Jane is ill-equipped to handle the devastating injury to her spinal cord. Her only choice is to reach out to one of her old contacts in the human world Manuel Manello Chief of Surgery, Caldwell Medical Center It finally happened, he thought as he burrowed under his shirt and took hold of his heavy cross.

We first met Dr. Manello in Lover Unbound. He was the Chief of Surgery who had the hots for Jane. The poor guy is brought to the mansion by the ghost of the woman he once cared for. He's asked to operate on a gorgeous woman who isn't real enthusiastic about the idea. If he fails, he's pretty sure that he'll be murdered, and even if she does walk again, her brother might kill Manny just for being around his sister Manny manages to get through the surgery, but his memories are wiped clean by his vampire abductors before he ever has a chance to learn if it was a success.

The memory wipe really does a number on the good doctor - he's losing his mind with the vague memories, vivid dreams, headaches, and lost time I wish I could have given you young if you'd wanted them and could conceive them. I wish I could have told you that it killed me when you thought I had been with anyone else. I wish I had spent the last year waking up every night and telling you that I loved you.

I wish I had mated you properly the evening you came back to me from dead. I wish. In the wake of these revelations, V's psyche is taking a tumble. His relationship with Jane is deteriorating rapidly, and his self destructive tendencies have shifted into high gear. Apparently the solution to V's internal suffering is to let go with a good dose of physical pain. I think many readers have been fantasizing about that particular scene for a while now He had to own his shit - even if it made him hate himself to the core. Because maybe if he did, he'd stop trying to distract himself with sex and drinking, and figure out what he did want.

Apart from Blay, that was. We pop into Qhuinn's life several times throughout this story. He's still convinced that he'll never be with Blay even though he knows he will never love anyone as much as him He's been whoring and brooding and running himself ragged to the point that John Matthew finally has to set him straight Qhuinn vows to turn over a new leaf, stop whoring around and get his shit together. His growing friendship with the Chosen Layla is obviously leading to something bigger. For the love of The Scribe Virgin - I can't wait for their fucking book!

The Lessening Society persisted. The Vampire population had scattered. And those arrogant, flabby, feckless humans where everywhere. Where previous books in the series might have provided a POV to see what was happening in the Lessening Society, this book introduced us to a brand new enemy in the Vampire War. The Band of Bastards - chiefly comprised of warrior males who trained with The Bloodletter but didn't make the cut to become members of the Black Dagger Brotherhood. They have a serious chip on their collective shoulders from being rejected by the BDB, and their leader, Xcor, has a few issues of his own Turns out, Payne escaped from the other side to commit patricide a few hundred years ago.

Her completely justifiable, kinda badass, right in front of the Band of Bastards murder of The Bloodleter left them hungry for revenge. Xcor arrives in Caldwell looking for a way to dethrone the Blind King. I guess we'll just have to read on if we're going to find out how that goes ; Complete honesty: I've been steadily chipping away at this series for one reason - I'm dying to see Blay and Qhuinn get their HEA.

It kills me to know that Ward is going to drag these two through some awful shit before we get there. She systematically strips her characters of all dignity before granting them their own book.

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I've been a bit underwhelmed with the series for several books. I haven't felt satisfied after finishing a BDB book since Z's story I hate how angsty and pansy-assed some of these warrior vampires can be I hate that we keep replaying the "I love you but I push you away" theme over and over I'm getting aggravated by the constant deluge of brands I'll never believe that an year old vampire texts like a 14 year old girl I seem to grant JR Ward a lot of slack that I might not give to other authors.

We'll see if I continue after that Dark Lover - My Review 2.

J.R. Ward – The Black Dagger Brotherhood Series Reading Order:

Lover Eternal - My Review 3. Lover Awakened - My Review 4. Lover Revealed - My Review 5. Lover Unbound - My Review 6. Lover Enshrined - My Review 6. Lover Avenged - My Review 8. Lover Mine - My Review 9. Lover Unleashed - You're Reading It Lover Reborn - My Review Lover At Last - My Review The King - My Review The Shadows - My Review View all 5 comments. May 26, warhawke rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Vamps lovers. Shelves: paranormal-sci-fi-fantasy , romance-love. Desperate to be free, she took an extreme measure that landed her in human world but in critical condition.

Manny Manello was a successful and established surgeon. He had everything he could possibly wanted, but still reeling from his loss of the woman who captured his heart. When an unexpected encounter thrown him into the unknown, he must decide what's best for his life. I rarely do back to back series reading. But what happened in last book got me intrigued, I just had to continue. The truth was, he loved her.

Completely and forever. But that was the curse of all this for them both, he suspected. While I felt sorry for Manny in past books, I never really cared about him. I'm glad I actually ended up liking him in this book. I like seeing through his eyes the confusion and the wonder of vampires and the Brotherhood life. Even on the Other Side, she was such a badass character. And here we get to see her vulnerability. However as much as I like seeing her flip side, I also wanted more of her badassery which only appeared at the very end. I like Manny and Payne together and their storyline was engaging.

However, I feel like V and Jane's story overpower the main characters. Also, I don't really see much purpose in the sub story of Butch's former partner and the new guy. If Xcor needed some blood to tide him over, he would get it from this woman, or another. Xcor is a new character introduced in this book. I like the potential, but I don't like how he simply accepted the issue at the end considering his mindset throughout the book. I also felt deprived of Murdher which is one of the reasons I wanted to read this book thinking he'd make an appearance.

It was in her soul. Lover Unleashed is a story of overcoming obstacles and standing proud of who you are. I'm hoping the next book will continue with the potential new direction in the series P. Reading book 9 on the BDB series Choose your own book to read! View all 12 comments. May 05, Christy rated it it was amazing. On to the review!!!